Odessa cotton shirt
Pink Cotton Shirt - Sartorium Lux
Pink Cotton Shirt - Sartorium Lux
Sartorium Lux

Odessa cotton shirt

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A must-have in a women’s wardrobe, our beautifully cut shirts are designed with a slim fit tailored to the body in a classic and elegant way that reflects the concept of Sartorium Lux. The selected cotton weight in combination with high-quality mother of pearl buttons makes it easy to style for any season and occasion, layer up for fall weather, or pair with jeans for a casual look! 


Soft solid pink-toned slim fit button-up shirt.

We can customize to your measurements as well as offer cuff and collar variations that meet your style, for more details email us. The price is $ 490


  • Two-ply Finest
  • 100% Cotton
  • 1 button collar
  • Machine wash

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